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MD-40 Series Metal Detector, Best Choice for Beginners

How to Rationally Think about the Depth of Metal detectors?

A lot of people always asks the same question.The most common question that a detectorist ask can be how can my machine reach the highest detecting distance, or can this machine detect a ring buried 120 inches underground? If the machine fails, they will complain that the metal detector doesn’t reach the ideal detecting distance. Thus, before answer their question, I would love to ask some……

MD-3009II Beach Metal Detector, Enjoy the Fun of Digging

PI-Iking 750 Pinpointer, Discover the Underwater Treasure

After many years' rapid development, Kingdetector owns professional technical team, huge sales and after-sale service system, which gains high comments from terminal customers. Its staff team with practical, creative and progressive spirit, make Kingdetector keeps going toward the goal of being the industry giant in the field of metal detectors and security ...

Kingdetector Gold Detecting Equipment