Kingdetector Metal Detectors
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King Mions, son of Zeus, lord of Crete, owned supreme power. The dust his riders rose darkened the sky; the sails his battle ships blew covered the sea like white clouds. Beside the Aegean Sea, Minos was the absolute king. He was dignified and valiant during his lifetime. After his death, he became the judicator, who controlled the underground wealth. This is how the origin of Kingdetector comes. It is just like the wand in the hand of King Minos, whose majesty can not be offended, ruling the wealth from the sea and underground.
Kingdetector is a professional supplier of metal detectors and security equipments. You can find professional, accurate, high-qualified devices which are more than their costs. All the metal detectors are tailored for you, which are convenient to use and can satisfy your needs. Kingdetector, symbol of the right of thrones, is up there; however, it is close and around us. Just like King Mions, he conquered the world and ruled the wealth, but loved his people like protecting his own children.
Kingdetector comes not only because of the family bond and friendship between us, but also for the mysterious treasure underground and in the sea. If you love your family, enjoy the life, and affair the adventures, please closely follow the journey of Minos, moving all over the world. Nothing to worry cause the king’s guard will be around you all the time. Kingdetector is willing to be the wand in your hand, pointing to the far land with the slogan yelling: ‘Ypa ! March on, March on, March on Together!