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Tips Need to Know about Metal Detecting Farm Fields
Fri, Aug 31, 2018, 2:31 am      (2058 views)
Farm fields are some great places to do metal detecting. You will be lucky to have more opportunities to find treasure, if you live near a farm. Workers and owners may leave old and new treasure when they work around. Here are some tips for you to have fun in farms.

Metal deteting in farms

Gaining Permission
Farms are usually personal place, but we still can find good time to ask for permission. Every year a few weeks the farm need to do harvest and plant crops. This is our chance. Kindly ask the owner for the permission and gain access to the place. Then you can bring your metal detector to start hunting.

Bring your metal detector to start hunting

Some Old Findings
If the farm has a long history, you will have more chance to find some old stuff. One generation after another workers settle in the farm and work hardly. Some treasure may be lost when the workers break the soil to plant crops. Many old findings may be detected as well.

Detect some amazing findings

With Good Luck
Sometimes good luck is one of the important part in metal detecting. You may find something unexpected. Some farms may be the old location of homestead or military encampment. If you got that luck, you will detect some amazing findings.

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