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How to Dig at Night? Some Tips for You
Sun, Nov 26, 2017, 10:26 pm      (1536 views)
Since the winter is coming, the sunlight is less than before. If detectorists want to have a longer hunting time, dig at night seems to be a good choice. Also, some treasure hunters want to have some privacy, metal detecting in the dark is their first choice. Thus, here I would love to share some tips for you to dig at night.

How to Dig at Night, Some Tips for You

1. Buy a Pinpointer with a light
A pinpointer with a light can greatly help you when you are ready to dig something up. It can save your time avoiding adjust the angle of the lamp. It is a useful design. TX-2002 pinpointer is a kind of pinpointer with a light. You can easily dig it in the dark.

Buy a Pinpointer with a light

2. Wear a headlamp
A headlamp is very useful. The LED light is very bright. And the price of it is not expensive. You can clearly see the hole and the metal items.

Wear a headlamp

Night hunting is both amazing and full of challenge. You can not only enjoy the fun of metal detecting, but also can enhance your mind and body.
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