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Some Useful Tips to Make Beach Detecting
Wed, Nov 15, 2017, 10:15 pm      (1707 views)
Many detectorists like to detect on the beach. There may be a lot of metal items left. If you are lucky enough, you can find coins, rings and even cell phones there. Here, I would love to share some useful tips for treasure hunters to make detection on the beach.

Make detection on the beach

Choose the right headphones

A headphone on good quality is very important. It can prevent the outside influence and let you focus on detection. Also a carry bag, a shovel and a scoop are also necessary. The carry bag can help you transport your detector. The shovel and scoop can save your time in digging the target. Kingdetector accessories sets ( can let your easy detecting on the beach. Save your time.

Kingdetector accessories sets

Pick the right time

Not only beach metal detecting, but also underwater metal detecting, the key to success is almost always dependent on Mother Nature, so it’s important that you understand it. A little before tide can give you more chance to find targets. Also notice the ocean movements can often let you find where are the items can be gathered on the beach. You just need to search a little area but to find the coins and metal items easily.

Hope the tips above can help you. Wish you all be successful on beach metal detecting.
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