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How to Choose Underwater Metal Detector?
Tue, Nov 14, 2017, 11:14 pm      (1749 views)
Treasure is always the dream of every detectorist. Not only on the land, but also underwater, where the treasure is buried, the place all the treasure hunters will be. Here I would love to share some tips about he underwater metal detectors to help the detectorists who want to seek underwater.

Some tips about he underwater metal detectors

Firstly you need need decide what kind of water you want to go to hunting. If you want to search in the freshwater lakes, rives or other fresh water, a very low frequency (VLF) machine will be a good choice. It can have a good sensitivity and stability.

The VLF metal detectors for fresh water detection

Otherwise, if you want to detect in salt water, a pulse induction (PI) detector, such as PI Iking-750 metal detector is more suitable. Although the sensitivity may be lower than VLF metal detectors, it is more stable and less affected by wet sand and ground mineralization.

The PImetal detectors for salt water detection

Choose the suitable underwater metal detector will make a good start when you begin underwater metal detecting. Thus, choose it rightly.
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