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What Old Maps Can Do in Metal Detecting?
Tue, Oct 10, 2017, 11:10 pm      (765 views)
Find a great treasure is a dream for every detectorist. An old map must be the key to achieve this dream. If you are lucky enough to have an old map, it can let you become more effective in metal detecting. The spots that full of old relics might be tagged on it.

The dream land for a detectorist is that the place don't have many detectorists searching or you are the first man lucky enough to research and dig by your metal detector. Thus, an old map is the fastest way to find those dream lands.

What Old Maps Can Do in Metal Detecting?

When you have an old map in hand, it is also important to compare with the current map in order to find the same place that may include the old relics sites. The current places are schools, parks and some public places will be the best spots.

Also, you can compare the old maps with the online resources. Current maps online are more accurate and updated. Also some relics forums may have the information of the locations.

In one word, detectorist need to obey the local rules and be polite, so that we can enjoy this hobby better. Wish you all happy hunting!
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