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Unveil the Mystery of the Tomb Raiders in Ancient China
Fri, Sep 29, 2017, 5:29 am      (808 views)
China own a long history over 5,000 years. So many emperors and lords are buried underground. Thus, tomb raiders were popular in some time. Here I would love to unveil the mystery of the tomb raiders in ancient China.

Unveil the Mystery of the Tomb Raiders in Ancient China

There are four main martial in tomb robbery:

1. Gold Seeking martial(摸金派)
The Gold Seeking martial was founded by Cao cao, the emperor of Wei dynasty, in three kingdoms period (Ad. 220-280). In order to guarantee the national fortune, Cao cao let the gold seekers to rob the graves and gather treasures. The gold seekers usually worked alone. Before they rob the tomb, they would lighten a candle first. If the light was off, they will quit the tomb chamber without taking items.

2. Ground Seeking martial(发丘派)
The Ground Seeking martial was founded a little later than Gold Seeking martial. They usually used fengshui and astrology to locate the tomb. They worked together with detail plan, but was weaker in digging skills than the Gold Seeking martial.

Gold Seeking martial necklace

3. Blast martial(搬山派)
The Blast martial owned the longest history. They were good at making bomb to blast the tomb. This martial made the biggest damage to the tomb, however, it could be the most safe way to rob, because the chambers usually had various anti-robbing equipment, such as poisoned arrows and traps.

4. Soil martial(卸岭派)
The Soil martial was good at digging skills and astrology. Their nose were very excellent, that could distinguish the soil type by its flavour. So that they could decide whether the tomb was save or not.

Tomb raiders were popular in ancient China. However, nowadays it is illegal. Detectorists should have faith with this hobby not to do illegal things. Wish you all enjoy metal detecting. Also more blogs on our Kingdetector blog.
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