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The History of Metal Detectors —— You May Be Not Familiar
Mon, May 22, 2017, 10:22 pm      (1146 views)
Do you know what’s a metal detector? Metal detector for gold? You surely need a explanation.

It is a device that can locate hidden metal stuff. Everyone has ever seen such a view with a detector in his hand, be it on the beach, in a park or on television. You can immediately feel curious. What did he look for?
The first metal detector was constructed in 1920 by M. O Miller and Ross Linton in a small hobby workshop in California. The performance of the device was not good.

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In 1931, Dr. Gerhard Fischer founded his company in Ohio for the production of metal detectors, which is still active in this sector. Gerhard Fischer developed and patented the first real metal detector, which went into mass production. These devices were produced exclusively for military purposes.

After the Second World War, former miners began to look for treasures privately. The hobby, "Sondeln" was born.

Over the years, companies were producing detectors. Different type of metal detectors are applied into different areas.
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