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Why Should We Buy A Pinpointer?
Tue, May 09, 2017, 4:9 am      (1251 views)
If you want to be successful in metal detecting, a good pinpointer is essential. The pinpointer is used to locate the target precisely after digging.

The pinpointer will make it much easier to find the target in a handful of dirt. Sometimes targets may be in the side of the hole, if you have a pinpointer, it will save your time and energy.

TX-2002 Dual-Use Ultra High Sensitivity Pinpointer

I owned several different pinpointers, the best one I like is the Kingdetector TX-2002 Pinpointer, it has great sensitivity and very good quality. My TX-2002 has been used for over a year, and it is still working very good.

The TX-2002 has vibrates, sound and light indicator, giving you a quick signal while find the target. What’s more, it has energy saving setting, the battery always works longer than my other pinpointers.

From my point of view, a good pinpointer is just as important as a good metal detector. Once you have one in your hand, I’m sure you will agree with me that your pinpointer is worth every penny you spend for it!
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