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What Shall We Do If Detector Is Too Noisy
Fri, Apr 14, 2017, 3:14 am      (921 views)

Metal detecting is a great hobby, it can make you happy and repay you. But while you metal detecting on a mineralized or trashy place, the metal detectors are easily got influenced and keeps beeping.  What shall we do if detector gets too noisy?

1) Once your metal detector got noisy, remember the first thing is to calm down. If you are not in a good mental state, it will hard for you to concentrate.

2) Identify what causes the noise. Is it because of the metal detector electricity, mineralized soil or surrounding metals? 

Different knobs on control box

3) If your metal detector has the ground balance function, it will allows you to raise the sensitivity and keeps the stable even at the trashy place.

4) If your metal detector is influenced by iron or trash, then you can turn up the discrimination to eliminate trash metals.

5) Low the sensitivity. If you don’t want to add the discrimination, you can low the sensitivity to reduce the influence of the mineralization.

6) If all of above can’t solve the problem, then you should turn down the volume or try another metal detector.

MD-5008 metal detector field test

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