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Why Should We Find a Detecting Buddy
Thu, Apr 13, 2017, 2:13 am      (885 views)

Many solo detectorists may thought that---if I go to a site with someone, that means I should share the finds with them. I used like that too. But while I had a chance to go metal detecting with a local detecting club, I changed my mind, detecting with someone is not only more productive, but is much better than detect alone for many other reasons. Metal detecting is much more for adventure, not just the finds. How depressing it will be if no one to share?

Metal detecting friends

What’s more,make some detecting friends will makes everything easier. They will share you good detecting sites, their personal network and skills. You can also motivate each other to get out and detect more.

Here are some great places to meet detectorists, go and get your detecting buddy!

Local Detecting Club. Go to your local detecting club to meet new friends. The best way to meet a detecting buddy is face to face.

Detecting Forums. There are many metal detecting forums online, you can share your finds and skills, talk with them and join their detecting activities.

Out in the Field. You may encounter other detectorists if you detect on a hot site. Being friendly and share some tips or good sites with them.

Social Networks. Facebook is a great place to communicate with other detectorists and post your finds. I have joined many groups too.

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