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How to Rationally Think about the Depth of Metal detectors?
Thu, Apr 06, 2017, 11:6 pm      (7466 views)
A lot of people always asks the same question.The most common question that a detectorist ask can be how can my machine reach the highest detecting distance, or can this machine detect a ring buried 120 inches underground? If the machine fails, they will complain that the metal detector doesn’t reach the ideal detecting distance.

Different Scales for LCD Screen of a Metal Detector

Thus, before answer their question, I would love to ask some question to them first:

1. Have a car?
2. How much speed is marked on it?
3. Have managed to reach that speed?
4. Why don't you get?

The answer that I get, I tell them that the same thing happens with the detectors, even when the vehicle has the power to reach a certain speed very, but seldom succeed and why? There are many factors, such as, tires, weather, weight, path, condition of the engine etc..

Depth of Detecting Distance

Therefore, although there might be some scale on the screen of a detector, it is rarely going to make it because we depend on several factors, such as the type of the target, size of the object, position of the metal items, type of ground etc..

Different Postion of the Items

Metal detecting is an outdoor activity, all the physical and environmental factors need to be considered. It is better to think about the depth of the metal detectors rationally and practice a lot to know your machine better. Wish you all happy hunting!
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