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Which Kind of Pinpointer is Better?
Thu, Nov 17, 2016, 10:17 pm      (1114 views)
Pinpointer, as an important tool in metal detecting, plays the key role of targeting the item, so that the treasure hunter can find the item quickly and easily. Thus, how to choose a suitable pinpointer?

If you are looking to a basic model, the most models in the market are just OK. While units of these pinpointers are not waterproof, they are good for a starter to use.

If you aim at getting extreme depth, consider the pinpointer with pulse induction function. Keep in mind, more depth is not always better when it comes to isolating or precisely pinpointing a target.

Fully Waterproof Vibra-iking 750 PI Precise Targeting Pinpointer

If you want to go underwater and diving to search treasures buried undersea, the Kingdetector Vibra-Iking7 series metal detecting pinpointers are excellent. Take a look at the Vibra-Iking 730, Vibra-Iking 740 or the Vibra-Iking 750. They are totally sealed and available for diving at the distance of 30 meters underwater. They are weatherproof, equip with a belt holster, feature sound, light and vibration indicating mode.

Hope this article can let you get the most suitable metal detecting pinpointer.
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