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Where To Find Old Coins - Tips for You
Mon, Sep 26, 2016, 2:26 am      (33740 views)
Many metal detecting enthusiasts love old coins. They collect various kinds of old coins as their hobby. So where to find old coins? Here are the best places to find old coins.

1.Parks and Picnic Sites
Parks and Picnic sites are public place, they have wide, flat, grassy surface, and you can swing your metal detector easily. These are the places where a lot of gatherings happen. Many treasure hunters have found some success near old trees and park playgrounds.

2.Old Houses
Old houses are the most typical sites for treasure hunting. Some families kept their money under postholes or outhouses. These are also potential places to search for.

Where To Find Old Coins - Tips for You

Churches are always the oldest structures in a town.Some old treasures have been kept or buried.

4.Beaches or Waterways
If your area has a river, lake or beach, these would be great places to start looking.
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