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Do You Know the Types of Security Detector?
Fri, Nov 13, 2015, 2:13 am      (1280 views)
Security detectors have already been widely used in many aspects of our daily life. They are playing a very important role in securing our safety.


Hand Held Metal Detector

1. Hand held metal detector. It's often used in examination place, airport and clubs scan the body if there anyone carries something illegal or dangerous.

Security Metal Doors

2. Security door. We can see that almost every market, theatre and museum are equipped with the security doors. It can scan both persons, as well as their pockets and bags, to prevent theft and spot the hazardous metal objects in the nick of time

X-ray Security Inspection Equipment


3. X-ray security inspection equipment. This type of metal detectors is widely used in stations and airports. They are capable of checking the closed containers for knives, guns, metal bars, pipes, other piercing and injurious materials and also.

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