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How the Search Coil Works?
Thu, Jul 21, 2016, 3:21 am      (32562 views)
There are mainly three kinds of search coils among the VLF detector in the market: double-D coil, concentric search coil and small concentric search coil.

Double-D coil: The shape of this kind of search coil looks like two letter D combined together, so it is call double-D coil or DD search coil. Double-D coil design can reduce mineralization reaction and increase detection depth. On the other hand, the detection area is small than the concentric coil.

How the Search Coil Works?

Concentric search coil: Just as the name, this kind of coil is concentric and the advantage of this design is to increase the detection area. And the bigger the search coil, the detection depth is deeper. Looking at the diagram, the normal concentric search coil can detect deeper than the small one.

Small concentric search coil: Small concentric search coil usually is applied in the metal detector for kids. The biggest advantage of this type is the mobility. Treasure hunting is physical activity and small concentric search coil is light, so it can reduce your burden. In addition, some places that the big search coil can't arrive can be got through by small coil.

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