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Difference between Metal Detectors and Gold Detectors
Wed, Jun 15, 2016, 1:15 am      (66326 views)
Both metal detectors and gold detectors are useful for tracing metals as well as gold. Nevertheless, there exist some differences between the two.

The gold detector is mainly helpful to trace natural gold or gold nuggets which are still unchanged while the metal detector is used to detect normal metals or gold jewelry which has other metals added to.
Difference between Metal Detectors and Gold Detectors

Next, we will take an example and talk about their difference when detecting minerals. VLF circuits is one type of gold detectors. They have higher sensitivity to minerals, but it is likely to filter out these mineral interferences. On the other hand, two filter model and four filter model are two different models of metal detectors. Two filter model can make electronic circuitry work more effectively if ground mineral levels are in the low to medium range while four filter model is better for detecting minerals deeper underground.
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