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How to Choose a Detecting Search Coil?
Thu, Nov 05, 2015, 2:5 am      (1056 views)
There are a few key factors in being a successful treasure hunter. An advanced metal detector, comprehensive researches and proper digging tools. However, they will be all useless if you don’t have a right search coil!

MD-88 Metal Detector - Two Types of Search Coils for You

How much do you know about the distinctions between search coils? The differences are mostly caused by the size of the search coils. In general, larger search coils can detect the objects much more deep than small ones, and they could have better ground coverage. However, the small search coils have greater sensitivity to smaller objects and they are much better in the discrimination between trash and metals. What’s more, the small ones have better pinpointing function than larger ones.

So before you buy a metal detector, you should think about where you gonna use it and what you want to hunt. If you want to hunt for an unknown treasure with an unclear address, then you should buy a metal detector with a large search coil, if you want to hunt for the coins and relics, you can use the small coils. Luckily, there is one item metal detector sold on our website with two size search coils, you won’t be tangled any more!

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