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Should We Use the Headphones While Detecting Metals?
Thu, Nov 05, 2015, 2:5 am      (1175 views)
As we all known that almost all the metal detectors will make annoying sounds, if they pass over any metal targets when works. Thus, it is quite necessary to use the headphones when detecting.

Kingdetector Gold Seeking Headphone

Imagine that when you are lying on the bench in a local park, bathing in the warm sunshine, suddenly, a harsh noise raise when you just set aside to unwind, how will you feel? It’s really rude to hover around someone while your metal detector beeps away. If you just ignored the noise caused by metal detecting, that will be quite possible make the public dislike the detectorists! So maybe it is good for you to wear a headphone while searching.

On the other hand, if you wear a professional detecting headphone, you will be able to hear those faint, deep signals, then you may find more items which lying on edge or deeper areas. What’s more, it can eliminate the distracting sounds such as wind, waves and other sounds which comes from outside.

From a saving perspective, if you use a headphone, it will reduce the power consumption of the batteries, it is because the speaker in the detector is turned off when the headphone is plugged in to it and so, no energy is required to drive the detector's external speaker.

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