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Product Introduction - MD-6350 Underground Metal Detector
Tue, May 10, 2016, 10:10 pm      (48113 views)
MD-6350 underground metal detector is a high sensitive underground metal detector and it is an upgrade item from MD-6150 and MD-6250 gold finder. Since coming to the market, it is a hot seller all the time. Let us conclude its advantages.

MD-6350 Advanced Metal Detectors

It adopts a color combination of yellow and black, which give us a feeling of refreshment.
Next it configures a "DD" waterproof search coil, so it can be used underwater as well.
The biggest advantage is in that you can choose the metal object, such as gold, silver, copper and iron. That is to say, if you choose to detect gold, the detector will recognize gold only and exclude other metals. In addition, you could select all metal modes. Detecting according to metal types can reduce mineralization reaction and other garbage metal interference.

This product is perfect for professionals.

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