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  • Psychological Preparation for Gold Hunting

    2017-05-12      1458 views

    In old times, the failure rate of gold hunting is high because of metal detectors’ technical matters. Nowadays, we have solved problem on technical matters. However, there is one thing we need ta...Read More >>
  • What You May Not Know Hand Held Metal Detectors?

    2017-04-20      1173 views

    Nowadays , it is a quite common phenomenon that the security officer will use a hand-held metal detector for passengers to carry out security checks. According to related Introduction: the s...Read More >>
  • How to Adjust the Sensitivity in a Right Way?

    2017-04-17      1081 views

    Most metal detectors have the function of sensitivity control. And most detectorists set this control to its maximun level and leave it. However, it is not not always necessary to adjust the sensit...Read More >>
  • How to Get a Higher Sensitivity?

    2017-03-23      2185 views

    As a metal detectorist, it is better to see that the metal detector can find items more deeper and farther. Thus, are there some ways to get a higher sensitivity? The transmit frequency of a...Read More >>
  • Top Tips for Starters to Find Detecting Locations

    2017-03-01      3073 views

    After receiving a metal detector, what to do next is to find a place to detect. What are the best places? There is no doubt that a spot that never been detected is the best. Here are some locations...Read More >>