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  • How to Get a Higher Sensitivity?

    2017-03-23      2002 views

    As a metal detectorist, it is better to see that the metal detector can find items more deeper and farther. Thus, are there some ways to get a higher sensitivity? The transmit frequency of a...Read More >>
  • Best Tips to Take Care of Your Metal Detector

    2017-03-17      909 views

    Metal detecting is a great hobby----with just one good jewelry find, It will pay the cost your metal detector and its accessories. Take care of your device and enjoy its rewards. 1.Follow t...Read More >>
  • Useful Tips for Operating a Metal Detector

    2017-03-16      4242 views

    The key to have a success in treasure hunting, a properly selected and tuned metal detector is not enough. To achieve successful work, you need to learn how to use it correctly. Here are some usefu...Read More >>
  • What Are VLF Detectors? How Do They Work?

    2017-03-14      1036 views

    Many of metal detectors are VLF metal detectors. And how do they work? VLF detectors, very low frequency detectors, operate on a very simple principle using magnetic fields. An electrical curre...Read More >>
  • The most common question that metal detectorists, especially the starters, ask is that how can my metal detector get a further detecting distance. Actually, there are mostly four factors may influe...Read More >>