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  • Tips Need to Know about Metal Detecting Farm Fields

    2018-08-31      2185 views

    Farm fields are some great places to do metal detecting. You will be lucky to have more opportunities to find treasure, if you live near a farm. Workers and owners may leave old and new treasure wh...Read More >>
  • The situation that may be influenced by the environment and ways of using in metal detecting. The only way to truly command the metal detector is to take time to practice. Here are some points that...Read More >>
  • How to Dig at Night? Some Tips for You

    2017-11-26      1625 views

    Since the winter is coming, the sunlight is less than before. If detectorists want to have a longer hunting time, dig at night seems to be a good choice. Also, some treasure hunters want to have so...Read More >>
  • Some Useful Tips to Make Beach Detecting

    2017-11-15      1807 views

    Many detectorists like to detect on the beach. There may be a lot of metal items left. If you are lucky enough, you can find coins, rings and even cell phones there. Here, I would love to share som...Read More >>
  • How to Choose Underwater Metal Detector?

    2017-11-14      1830 views

    Treasure is always the dream of every detectorist. Not only on the land, but also underwater, where the treasure is buried, the place all the treasure hunters will be. Here I would love to share so...Read More >>